Taking your young dog and channeling their energy, desire, natural talent, and brains through a high praise, confidence building training program is our specialty. The basics, the foundation of all training begins here, and it is the most important of all. In gun dog training your companion learns; obedience, the forced retrieve, how to mark downed game proficiently, and to be steady to shot. Basic gun dog training generally lasts 3 to 5 months.

Intermediate gun dog training introduces your hunting partner to technical marking concepts, multiple marks, diversions, walkups, quartering and flushing and how to handle basic blind retrieves. The result is a companion that is a viable hunting partner and a pleasure in any atmosphere. This phase lasts from 3-5 months.

The advanced program continues with your retrievers’ progression into technical concepts and marks, complex lining and handling training developing straighter lines and more precise handling at significant distances. During this phase of the program your retriever’s attitude and confidence is high, his or her education and skills are soaring and they are now a finely tuned hunting companion. Book your companions' spot today (940) 372-8201. We are filling up for our spring and summer team.